Your quaffable summer

Hi, Feastlings.
I know it’s been beautiful out there this week, but I also know we’ve all been waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’re not stupid. We know we’ve gotten off easy and that by all rights it should be an easy hundred and five degrees by now. So we’re going ahead with our summer plans as if all were normal. First plan: the menu of your summer requests begins next week with our June menu. Each week until Labor Day, you’ll see a rotation of dishes that you and your peers have asked us to bring back (or make for the first time.) It’s only thirteen weeks, and we do have scores of requests, so if you don’t see your request this summer, dash off a (polite) email and let me know when you’re coming in, and at the very least, we’ll offer the dish as a special on the night you come in, as a show of good faith.
The summer request menu, however, is not the only summer fun we’ll be dishing up. We’ve also got some special events on the horizon, along with great summer deals on wine, both in the restaurant and in the shop. Take a look.

We’ll also have our Saturday tasting on the 1st, the details of which you can find here.

And of course, next week, you’ll find a June menu and the first week of menu requests curled up here in your inbox. We’ll see you soon.

Your adoring friends at Feast

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