Summer Wine Deals at Feast

Hello, Feastlings.

Since we often find ourselves sitting around drumming our fingers or tapping our feet in the summer months, waiting for 30% of the population of Tucson to return, we enhance the summer with a few special treats for our guests.  Sure there’s our Summer Request Menu, where each week we honor a fresh handful of your requests for dishes we’ve served in days gone by, but we also know that everyone likes a bargain, so we do a few things between Memorial Day and Labor Day to sweeten the proverbial pot:

FIRST: Did you like the bottle you drank with dinner?  Our wines in the restaurant are all priced at a standard retail markup plus twelve bucks to cover the cost of nice stemware and insurance on having people drink in the restaurant, but this summer, if you have a bottle with dinner and like it enough to buy another bottle to take home, we waive the corkage on the bottle you just drank, so you’re drinking for retail price, which is significantly lower than you’ll find at other restaurants.

SECOND: Throughout the year, we offer a ten percent discount on a mix-and-match case of wines not already on sale in our shop, but in the summer, it’ll only take six of those regularly-priced bottles to earn you that same discount, so you can stock your cellar a little bit at a time without breaking the bank.

THIRD: There’ll be other deals and values this summer as well- we’ll be celebrating the Bonfires of San Juan on June 25 (yes, we know that’s not when the solstice falls, but  we’ll take our parties when we can) with Spanish food and no corkage on Spanish wines; and we’ll celebrate Bastille Day on July 14, with French classics and no corkage on French wines, and we’ll follow up with Ferragosto on August 15, with Italian dishes and no corkage on Italian wines.


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