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Hi there, Feastlings.
While you’d never have known it from this morning’s idyllic weather, we’re at the precipice of summer. We usually notice our seasonal guests beginning to disappear for their summer haunts between Easter and Mother’s Day, with the rug being pulled out from under Tucson after Mother’s Day and graduation weekend. This year is no different. Normally, on Memorial Day weekend, another big chunk of those of us who stay in Tucson to hold down the fort for summer at the very least will honor our fallen soldiers from San Diego or someplace with a beach or amusement park. Again, some of us remain here. So this weekend, if you’re still in town and looking for something fun to do, we’ll have not one but two wine tastings. Kevin is running our weekly Saturday tasting at 2:00 on the 25th, rife with picnic wines, red, white and pink:

And our old friend Dylan Higgins will be with us on Sunday for our Last Sunday of the Month tasting, a half dozen Spanish wines with food pairings alongside, designed to help you get to know Think Global, an importer specializing in Spanish wine. That’ll happen at 3:30 on Sunday the 26th.

Whether you join us for one, the other, or both, you’ll need a reservation, and that can still be had by calling us at 326-9363 (web and email reservations won’t hold you a seat at our special events.) We hope to see you this weekend, but if not, raise a glass from wherever you are on Memorial Day and say thanks.


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