Everyone and their mother, and what exactly YOU want.

Dear Feastlings,
If, like me, you still haven’t picked up a Mother’s Day card (sorry, Mom- but who wouldn’t like a homemade card from their 52-year-old son? You can put it on the refrigerator,) here’s a reminder that may be timely enough that you look good come Sunday. The other thing that might make you look good is having already made a reservation.
I’d note here that every year- every Mother’s Day, every Easter, every Valentine’s Day- we get a figurative avalanche of calls. Some are desperate: “Do you have ANYTHING at all that day?!” Some are confident: “Yes, I’d like to reserve the most romantic table you have for this evening, Valentine’s Day, at 7:00 pm, please. And Greg (i.e. Doug) is a personal friend of mine.” Some are last-ditch: “Will your special menu be available for take-out?” So what I’ll mention is this: if you don’t feel like cooking up something special in observance of Mother’s Day, whether you’re dining here or elsewhere, now’s your moment. Fortunately, you live in Tucson and everyone else is nearly as last-minute as you are. But get the jump on them. As for us at Feast, we’re serving our regular brunch and dinner menus, brunch from 10 to 3 and dinner thereafter, but we’re also serving some Mother’s Day specials, and you can see those at the link.

As a prelude to Mom’s special day, Kevin will be pouring Rosés this Saturday at our 2:00 tasting, less on the assumption that moms like pink wine than on the assumption that as it warms up, everyone likes pink wine. Or at least they should have the opportunity to taste some and discover for themselves that Rosé isn’t always necessarily the White Zinfandel that you thought it was. As usual, the wine tasting will be a mere $12.50 plus tax and tip to join us, and as usual, the reservation you make must come to us the old-fashioned way, by calling 326-9363, since web and email reservations will fall, meaningless, to the floor.

Meanwhile, today is the first Tuesday of the month, so I’ll tuck in a link to the May menu, which begins today, here.

As long as you’re still with me, two more things:
First, we’re at the point now where Dr. Barry Pryor’s Fungapalooza is fully booked, and we’ve begun a waiting list, so while you may regard it as too late to try, whatever interest we get in this event may well be incentive for Dr. Pryor to join us again, sooner than later, for another mushroomy shindig.

And now comes the very last bit, and those of you who’ve read all the way to the end will be rewarded by getting the jump on those who haven’t. Here’s the part where I ask- and brace myself- for your requests. For the uninitiated, it had long been our summer gimmick that we ask each May what dishes you’d like to see us bring back, and then we offer as many of those dishes as we can alongside our June, July and August menus. So if you miss that lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding so badly that you’ll even order it when it’s 114 degrees outside, it’s time for you to let us know. Think back to that dish that made both of your eyebrows go up and write back to suggest we offer it, and each week this summer, we’ll do our best to honor as many of your requests as we can. Put your thinking cap on, write back, and then stand with your fork at the ready.

Thanks, everyone.

Doug, and everyone else at Feast

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