The screeching halt.

Dear Feastlings,
I imagine a great many of you are reading this from somewhere where there’s a fireplace in use. There are usually two waves of Tucson exodus- at least that’s our experience over lo these eighteen years: one happens shortly after Easter and/or Passover, and another finishes the clearing out come Mother’s Day and graduation. With Mother’s Day still a week and a half away and a Mother’s Day menu yet to be posted, there are still a few of you left here in town, but we’ve certainly seen off a number of you and we wish you a cool and refreshing summer, or at least a summer less harsh than the scalding soup that Tucson usually ladles into our laps.
For those of you who are sticking it out, though, we have a couple of events to mention besides the upcoming new menu (you’ll see that on Tuesday.)
The first is nearly upon us. It’s this Saturday’s wine tasting, and like our other Saturday wine tastings, it’ll happen at 2:00, it’ll cost $12.50 plus tax and tip, and it’ll be worth your time and money without question. It’s made up of a bunch of wines from California’s Central Coast, and the details can be found here.

The second is a few weeks out. That would be Dr. Barry Pryor’s Fungapalooza, a tasting and lecture- complete with visual aids- on the wonders of mushrooms, how to grow them, and so on. You can leave the cooking to us, and we’ll be handing out four different little plates of mushroom dishes. We’ll even be offering wine pairings if you’re interested, though you’re not obligated; the wine pairings are optional.

Next Tuesday we plan on stuffing your email box with news of the May menu, Mother’s Day specials, and any other news that crops up between now and then. Meanwhile, we hope that those of you who are in it for the long haul and staying in town for the summer will come and keep us company. We’re lonely, and we hope to see you soon.

The people of Feast

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