How you can tell that Kevin is back

Dearest Feastlings,
This weekend being the last one in April, you’ll be pleased to know that there are two wine tastings rather than one. As it turns out, Kevin makes his triumphant return to the Saturday tastings this weekend, and there’s a sure way to know it: nothing makes Kevin so happy and proud as a tasting whose title makes me wince in pain. So he’s back in a big way this week with wines from Fable and the Fableist in a tasting called- sigh- Wine Sop’s Fables.

If you find that as painful as I do, don’t fret. You can come to the Last Sunday tasting instead. This month’s tasting brings you three wines from the Rhone Valley and three wines that are Rhone-inspired. Our friend Andy Ramirez will be here regaling you with facts and stories about the wines and their vintners (remember how you asked us to bring Andy back? We listened.)  Here’s what that tasting looks like.

Saturday’s tasting is at 2:00 and Sunday’s is at 3:30, but the idea for either tasting is the same: please call us at 326-9363 if you’d like to join us, as both are likely to fill up and web and email reservations won’t guarantee you a seat.

Thank you, as ever, for all your kind and generous patronage.

Doug and your other friends at Feast

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