My relationship with technology, but also with wine. And food. And you.

Dear, dear Feastlings,
I’m now writing this email for the third time, and with any luck you’ve only received it this once. Technology pains me. Acutely. Not because I can’t handle it, but rather because it can’t handle me yet. AI, my eye. The first time I wrote this, I’ll admit: I was distracted, and I felt the urge to stop what I was doing and change horses in midstream. I changed the little note that comes as a footer to your email slightly, and as a result, my note disappeared. Then I started a new one (admittedly last night) and walked away from it. When I went to save it today until I got a few more snippets of information, it again disappeared, demanding that I re-enter my login information. If technology can’t keep up with the sloppy way that I use it, I want no part of it. I’ll go back to a typewriter and a filing cabinet, and my costs for repairs, subscriptions and upgrades will fall dramatically. Since for now I’m stuck with what I’ve got, however, here’s this week’s news:
First of all, we’ve got a wine tasting on Saturday. Kevin’s calling it “The Merchants Near Venice,” and while we have no pretensions to Shakespearean greatness, we do lay claim to presenting four delicious wines from Valpolicella. The tasting is at 2:00 on Saturday the 16th, and the details can be found here.  There’ll be another tasting a week from Saturday with wines from Spain, but I believe it remains untitled at this juncture.  You’ll need to tune in next week to find out what it’s called.

We’re also giving you the jump on two more wine-related events- our Last Sunday of the Month tasting with Andy Ramirez, who’ll have wines from the Northeast and Northwest of Italy with him when he shows up at 3:30 on Sunday the 24th, and dinner a few nights later with Joanie Karapetian of Rosenthal Wine Merchant, which has us all in a dither (it’s going to be a really special dinner. You can see why here, but chances are that by now you already know how special the wines of Rosenthal are.

There are still seats available at both events, unlike tonight, which is strictly waitlist at this point. With any luck, you’ve already made adequate plans for Valentine’s Day, or at least you like to live on the edge.  Whenever we see you, though, we’ll be glad to, and we thank you for all your kind support, whether we’re up to our eyeballs in Valentine’s Day reservations or lazily drumming our fingers on the bar here in July. Thanks for everything.


Doug and everyone else at Feast

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