A few tweaks and a few events

Hello there, kind Feastlings.
It being the first Tuesday of the month, we’ve made our customary few alterations in the monthly menu, though in all honesty, there are fewer alterations than usual this month. We like to allot each dish a three-month slot so everyone gets a chance to stop in and enjoy a given dish, and however we got off track- I imagine it was last summer when we were taking your menu requests- we’re off track, and there are only a few changes to this month’s menu. Regardless, there are a few fun new dishes to enjoy- there’s a pleasant little game hen salad, a new vegetarian entree, a breakfast-for-dinner kind of idea, and a refreshing panna cotta as well. You’ll find the whole menu and more detail here:


And as long as we’ve got your attention, here’s a handy list of what else is coming up at Feast in the next few weeks. This Saturday, you’ll find a room full of wine tasters at 2:00 pm. To be one of them, you’ll need to give us a call. To find out whether you’d like to be one of them, take a look at what we’re offering

Also, we’re running out of tables on Valentine’s Day, but there’s a seating here and there if you care to join us during the less-trafficked hours. It’s a special menu that day, which looks like this.

And lastly, at least for now, there’s our wine dinner with Joanie Karapetian of Rosenthal Wine Merchant. That’s going to be indisputably special, and you’ll see the menu here.

There’s more to come- our Last Sunday tasting will be themed NE x NW- wines from the northeast and northwest of Italy, and there’ll be plenty more Saturday tastings to come, plus special food on Fat Tuesday (yes, there’ll be crawfish etouffee) and other odds and ends. We look forward to having you join us when the mood strikes you. Meanwhile, thanks for all your kind support.

Your friends at Feast

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