Kinder, gentler vortex

Hi, Feastlings.
If any of you still finds yourself reading this missive from a faraway Midwestern land, let us first send our condolences. We wish you well and hope you can find a way to get out here and visit us in warm, exotic Tucson. For those of you already here, we’ve got a couple of calendar items to mention. The first takes place in the fairly immediate future: this Saturday at 2:00 pm. It’s an event that takes place here every Saturday at 2:00 pm, so it should come as no surprise. This Saturday’s wine tasting features white wine, so if you’re in the aforementioned frostbitten Midwest, again we offer our condolences. If you’re here in town, we suggest you join us. The information on the tasting can be found here.

If you’re the sort that plans ahead, we’ve also got the menu posted for Valentine’s Day, though you should be warned that some other people who are even more the sort that plans ahead have already booked themselves, so Valentine’s Day is filling up fast. Nonetheless, the menu can be found here.

And if you’re going in chronological order, there’s one more event on the calendar that’s already posted on our website, and that’s a dinner with Rosenthal Wine Merchant, one of our favorite importers, with Joanie Karapetian, one of our favorite people who works for one of our favorite importers. The menu looks like this.

You’ll also almost certainly get an email on Tuesday about our February menu, which will begin that day, so keep your eyes peeled and we’ll send you a little something early next week.

With respect and admiration,
Your friends at Feast

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