Up and at ’em

Hello, kind Feastlings.
I know many of them won’t read this, but I’d just like to start the year by thanking all my coworkers- it’s been a rough couple of months for the vast majority of the staff here, both personally and professionally, and while it feels like through a frantic holiday season we’ve skidded into 2019, I’m grateful to the people here whose passion for food, drink, service and the extended family that are our guests make Feast a special place to be. I’m grateful as well for you extended family- thanks for your support, whether you’re a guest, a purveyor, a farmer or the guy who fixes our refrigerators (I know you won’t read this, Eric, but maybe someone will tell you anyhow.)
We at Feast are starting off the new year with the January menu today, and hoping you’ll find it delightful. I know at the very least that no small amount of you will be happy to see the reintroduction of the lobster bread pudding to our menu, singly the most requested dish of our 17 1/2 years, but if you’re like me, it’s the new stuff you’re after: Marinated quail breasts in pipian sauce with pomegranate seeds and farmers’ cheese? Yes, please. Pan-fried artichoke hearts and potatoes with Asiago cheese, green beans and Romescu sauce? Don’t mind if I do. There are a couple of new desserts and entrees as well, plus a sandwich. You can find the whole list of new additions here.


As long as you’ve read this far, you may also want to know what we’re doing for this week’s wine tasting (it’s New World Cabernets, but you can see the details here.

And there’s still the wine dinner we’re doing next week, which is at this point sold out, but if you want to put your name on the waiting list, we usually have a few attendees whose plans change at the last minute.  See what you think.

Whatever the case, thanks again for another year of your kind generosity, your steadfast support, and just plain being good people. We’re lucky to have you here, and we therefore invite you back. Whenever you feel like it.

Doug and everyone he’s grateful for at Feast

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