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Tuesday - Saturday 11am-9pm/Sunday 10am-9 pm

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Feast - Dining


September menu- October menu begins the first Tuesday in October

Just Getting Started


Marrow bone with pickled seeds, gremolata and heirloom tomatoes. Served with microgreens and toast points. ◊

Yellowtail crudo, served with both a mignonette and a remoulade of cucumber, mango and chive.  Served with seeded crackers.  ◊

Sautéed mushrooms, fresh sorrel and tapioca-aged Gouda fritters.

White Gazpacho~ chilled soup of cucumber, yogurt and sour cream, garnished with grapes and toasted almonds.  ◊
cup 4.5                    bowl 7.5

Today’s Soup
cup 4.5                    bowl 7.5



Greenery and Other Salads


Mixed green salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion and your choice of dressing~Balsamic vinaigrette ◊  Creamy citronette ◊ Cranberry-honey ◊ Maple vinaigrette ◊

Seared New Zealand King salmon with white anchovies, oil-cured olives and lemony breadcrumbs.  Served over Romaine lettuce with cranberry-honey dressing.  ◊ 17.5

Chilled spaghetti squash tossed with lemon zest, chives, mint and pistachios.  Served over fresh spinach tossed in a creamy citronette.  ◊

Crispy duck salad~ mixed greens tossed with fresh grapes and goat cheese in a maple vinaigrette with crispy fried shredded duck.  ◊


Next to Your Dinner


Bitter cocoa risotto, crispy turnips and black garlic compound butter.  ◊

Potato terrine with broccolini and mustard aioli. ◊

Saag Paneer~ house-made cumin-spiced cheese in a sauce of fresh spinach and mustard greens.  ◊


Between Bread


Feast grilled cheese~ seared Halloumi cheese, honey-roasted eggplant, tomato and red onion on a French roll. Served with mixed greens.

Spiced lamb meatloaf on a hoagie roll with seared cauliflower and saag paneer.  Served with mixed greens.

Carnitas~ braised pork with jalapeño, fresh cilantro, pickled onion and cotijo cheese, pressed on a white roll.  Served with mixed greens.


The Main Thing


Vegetarian consommé with sugar snap peas, carrots, beets, summer squashes, hazelnuts, and house-made ricotta.  ◊

Beef skewers~ flatiron steak on sugar cane skewers with basil pesto, tomatoes, and peaches.  Served with potato terrine, broccolini and mustard aioli.  ◊  *

Sea bass baked en papillote with local summer squashes and tomatoes, Castelvetrano olives and cannellini beans.  Feast garden oregano.  ◊

Chicken tart~ Sherry vinegar-braised chicken in a pastry crust with a tarragon-carrot custard,  Phoenix mushrooms, and fried mustard greens.  ◊

Braised pork shanks with haricots verts, sweet peppers and roasted butternut squash. Served with caramelized rosemary milk. Garnished with green mochomos. ◊ 26

Seared sea scallops, served in a chili-honey red ale reduction with sautéed brassicas, mustard seeds and potato-sunchoke purée. Roasted cashew garnish. * ◊ 27

Mesquite floured lamb loin, sautéed and served with bitter cocoa risotto, crispy turnips, Swiss chard and black garlic butter.  *  ◊ 28




Caramel custard with chocolate and cherry drizzles and a cocoa crisp.

Amaretto-roasted peach with tahini whipped cream  and candied sesame almonds.  ◊

Chocolate licorice root cake on demerara shortbread with caramelized white chocolate, sea salt and orange peel.

Chamomile Panna Cotta with Bailoni Wachauer golden apricot liqueur and a honey tuile.

Coconut tart~ Coconut-crust tart filled with coconut custard with lemongrass and ginger.

Ice Cream We Made Here ◊

Chocolate truffle cookies
.75 each


◊ items marked with this symbol can be prepared gluten-free

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



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