Your penultimate handful of summer requests

Dear, dear Feastlings,

How is it that in the dead of summer, when nary a soul comes to visit, I find myself completely overwhelmed? I’m only just now dashing off this note to let you know about this week’s developments, so my sincere apologies to anyone who was waiting to decide whether this week’s request menu warranted a trip in for lunch. The menu, as it happens, is a bit seafood heavy, with that tasty tempura-fried softshell crab appetizer alongside an entree of Alaskan halibut and shrimp, but there’s plenty for the vegetarians among you too: sweet potato chilaquiles, a shaved vegetable salad all’agrodolce, and a coconut bavarois sandwiched between chocolate custard and chocolate ganache.

And what’s more, there are two wine tastings this weekend, Kevin’s Italian whites tasting on Saturday and our Last Sunday of the Month tasting on, well, the last Sunday of the month.

I won’t get too chatty here, but I do hope you’ll join us for one reason or another.

Your flustered friend,


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