Population Boom

Hello, Feastlings.

I found myself in a big box store the other day- how I convinced myself it was a good idea, I’ll never know. But it was thick with youths and their parents, everyone getting ready for a year of scholastic endeavor. While I wouldn’t say Feast brims with college students, it’s that harbinger of fall that we Tucson small business owners watch for every year: first, the kids come back, and faculty trickles in behind, presumably not having to worry about setting up a new apartment before the commencement of the school year. From, there, it’s only a matter of watching for the first ugly weather of the season in the north and the east to help persuade our friends from far away to head back to Tucson and pay us a visit.

But there are those of you who’ve braved the summer with us and are already here, and for you, we do what we can to make living in Tucson a little more comfy in the summer months, so today begins another menu of your requested favorites. While you can get the details in the link below, I’ll sum it up here as well. Coconut milk ceviche with sweet potato chips begin today, as well as our vegetarian surf and turf. there’s a fried calamari salad to be had, and if you’re convinced that today’s cloudy weather warrants comfort food, we’ll be making gnocchi with Italian sausage, fennel, spinach and Parmesan cream. Or if you want to keep it vegetarian, there’s Guinness chocolate cake with orange cream cheese frosting. Here’s that link for details:

And if it’s links you like, here are two more. One for this Saturday’s wine tasting, which is nearly full, so you’ll want to hop to it if you’re thinking of joining us:

But if it’s planning ahead you prefer, here’s some advance notice on our Last Sunday of the Month wine tasting, this month with Luke Anable (you should note, however, that it takes place not this Sunday, but a week from Sunday):

In any case, we find eating at Feast to be a delightful way to avoid the crush of students moving into the University area and downtown, so we just thought we’d throw it out there. See you soon.

Doug and everyone else at Feast

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