Bien Sur

Hi, Feastlings.

I know a great many of you are Francophiles, as are we here at Feast, and I can’t think of a better week for it. Bastille Day is a mere two days away, and we’ll be offering French specials all day and a French wine tasting to boot.

But if that’s not your bag, the new request menu starts today, with a host of dishes that are decidedly American, like our Reuben sandwich with house-corned beef, or decidedly Feast, like the lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding. There’s more- the banana crumble, Mussels Sadie and the Many Moods of Chicken all grace the menu this week, and we’re excited to make them for you, but I’d most assuredly suggest a reservation if you plan on joining us this Saturday, because while our reservations are paltry and few throughout most of the summer, Bastille Day looks to be a busy little day here, so unless you want to be stuck at home en train de manger de la brioche, we suggest a little planning ahead. Give us a call at 326-9363 and we’ll hold onto a table for you so you can treat yourself to a little coq au vin or crepes Suzette, and skip the corkage on any French wine on the list- even the Corsican ones get the discount. Merci, tout le monde.

Doug and all the other gens at Feast

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