Your First of Two This Week

Good day to you each and all, Feastlings.

It being the first Tuesday of the month, here’s the first of two emails this week. While the weekly menu of your summer requests won’t change for two more days, the August menu begins today, overlapping a bit with last week’s requests. So while you still have a chance for stuffed rabbit, roasted spiced corn and pan bagnat, for example, today also offers you a crack some some new August dishes- braised pork shanks, a lamb meatloaf sandwich and a salmon salad with the most tender white anchovies we’ve tasted- and some treats from Feast’s past- white gazpacho with grapes and almonds, or saag paneer. You’ll find it all here and in another week, there’ll be some Italian treats to be sampled as we celebrate Ferragosto. While technically, Ferragosto is a celebration of the Assumption of Mary, there’s no short supply of Italians willing to use the opportunity for a slightly more secular vacation- there’s a saying in Florence that on August 15th, all you’ll find is dogs and German tourists. Since our own tourist season leaves something to be desired in August as well, we’re doing what we did last year for Ferragosto: we’re giving people a reason to go out, making traditional Italian dishes and waiving our normally built-in twelve-dollar corkage on Italian wines to sweeten the deal. It’s beginning to fill up, so while most of the summer is quiet enough that you can waltz in without a reservation, we’d suggest a little planning ahead if you think you’ll be joining us on the 15th. The number to call is 326-9363. The menu is simple and straightforward, and you can see it here.


You’ll be getting another email in two days’ time, with news of Kevin’s Saturday wine tasting and week ten of our thirteen weeks of your menu requests. In the meantime, come have a snack and a drink. We’d love to see you.

Your friends at Feast

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