Poetic License

Good morning, Feastlings.

Today marks the third of thirteen weeks of our making the dishes you wanted us to make, and just like last week featured a little-seen dish that was a happy hour snack-turned-entree in the eggplant Parmigiana, this week offers up a dish from our catering menu that some of you have had at parties we’ve catered. So crabcakes abound this week, as does crawfish etouffee, as do mashed potato tacos, as does Szechuan chocolate mousse and gnocchi salad. Details can be found when you scroll to the bottom of the menu but I’m just excited to notice that the longer we’re around, the more dishes we have that people particularly miss. We now have well over two hundred menus under our belt since we’ve opened, and it warms my heart when people remember dishes from Feast’s distant past.

I write also today to wish you a delightful summer solstice. which we’re celebrating in the style of Spaniards this Saturday with our special menu of tapas, paella and flan. And we’re waiving the corkage on any of our Spanish bottles. In the interest of expediency, and since we don’t own the fifty or so paelleras we’d need to keep up with production, there’ll be some poetic license with the paella (i.e. it won’t be a thirty-minute served-in-the-pan dish) but we promise it will still be tasty, and there’ll be a half a lobster in there as well as shrimp, clams, mussels and chorizo. If you want to know about the tapas, you can see the menu here:

http://www.eatatfeast.com/more-callout/the-bonfires-of-san-juan-spanish-food-and -wine-to-celebrate-the-summer-solstice/

The menu runs all day on Saturday and it promises to be a good time.

Also on Saturday is a tasting of Burgundian-style domestic Pinot Noir that I hesitate to mention because it’s full at this point, but since we invariably have some last-minute cancellations, I’ll throw it out there in case you want to put yourself on the waiting list:

http://www.eatatfeast.com/wine-and-cocktails/wine-events/limited-seating-at-this -saturdays-wine-tasting-begin-the-bourgogne/

And if you find yourself disappointed that Saturday’s full up, there’s a tasting on Sunday as well featuring varietals from places you wouldn’t expect. Just because they didn’t grow it where everyone else grows it doesn’t mean it’s bad; in fact, these wines have interesting character that makes them both anomalous and delicious. Here’s the information on that one:

http://www.eatatfeast.com/wine-and-cocktails/wine-events/this-months-last-sunday -wine-tasting-from-where-you-least-expect-it/

Whether you’re joining us for tacos or botifarra negra (we’re making that ourselves for our Saturday Solstice hootenanny,) wine tasting or chocolate mousse, we’re grateful to those of you who’ve stuck around for the summer and look forward to seeing you. And to those of you who haven’t, we’ll just have to look forward to seeing you in the fall, but we’ll be out of etouffee by then.

Your food and drink buddies,
The people of Feast

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