And so it begins…

Hello, kind Feastlings.

We go through the same phenomenon each year: The busy season begins and we’re energized at first, motivated by the pace of our busy days and nights, excited that we’re back to business and developing a rhythm. The staff is energized, the dining room is bright and buzzy, and our guests are happy and excited too. By May, we’re all a bit frazzled- going nonstop takes its toll and we usually find ourselves wishing for summer by March.

Once summer arrives, however, it only takes about two weeks before we feel rested enough that when it’s slow we become bored rather than grateful. That’s the point at which we’ve arrived, so we’re about to start what we’ve done each summer for the past seventeen years: we’re going to create more reasons for you to come join us.
The new menu begins a week from today, pared down slightly to make room for the dishes you’ve asked us to make this summer, and each week, we’ll honor five or six of your requests, all the way to Labor Day.

We’ve got a couple of other reasons for you to join us as well. In the wine shop, we’ll be giving the 10% case discount we always give, but we’ll be offering at on the purchase of six bottles rather than twelve (that’s for bottles that aren’t already on sale, but even the ones you find on sale count toward the six, so they’ll help you build a six-pack and get the discount on the rest of the wines.

We’ll also offer deep discounts on a red and a white each week until they’re gone. Want to know what they are? Follow us on Instagram or Facebook

We’ll post the sale in both places and it will go on until we run out. Don’t fret, though- If we run out of one wine, we’ll just replace it with another and offer that one on sale in its stead. And so on.
We’ll also drop the price on wine you drink in the restaurant when you choose to buy another bottle to take home. You can find the details on all of our wine bargains here:

Summer wine deals at Feast

There’s also our weekly wine tasting to consider. This Saturday features picnic whites, and the details on that tasting are here: ting-pick-a-picnic-white/

We hope you enjoy your summer trips, or your summer homes, but we’re recovered now and we’ve happily regrouped to take care of you here at Feast, so when you get back to town, by all means, come pay us a visit. We’ll make you dinner, or lunch, or brunch.


The people of Feast

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