Mayday! Mayday!

Dear Feastlings,

First of all, it being May Day, let’s all extend our gratitude to the workers of the world. I’d like especially to thank those who work here at Feast, as well as all the suppliers and purveyors who take care of us each day.

Second, many of you know I have a penchant for language and idiomatic expressions, so for those of you who don’t already know this cool piece of linguistic trivia, the phrase the pilot shouts into the radio when the plane is going down actually does make sense, not because May Day has anything to do with it, but rather because “Mayday” is actually an anglicization of the French, “M’aidez! (help me!)” Brought to you by the people who turned “a tout a l’heure (see you later)” into “toodle-oo” and “juzgado (judged)” into “hoosegow.”

Third, and the reason I’m writing to you this May Day, besides thanking the staff of Feast and the other workers who help us make you food and drink, it’s also the first Tuesday of the month, i.e. New Menu Day, and I’m therefore sending along a link to the new menu, where you’ll find an update of last month’s gorgonzola custard, as it was deemed too appetizery and not desserty enough by the vast majority of those who sampled it. It’s still a bit savory (there’s gorgonzola cheese and white pepper in it,) but there’s a little honey in there now, so if you feel like giving it another spin, it’s on the menu. You’ll also find some fresh, springy/summery things on the menu, like ginger-spiked compressed watermelon, a sea scallop salad with chai-spiced carrot and yogurt puree, vegetable dumplings, pork with rhubarb, a boudin blanc sandwich, grits, and a buttermilk-cardamom banana cream pie. Greater detail can be found here:

You’ll also find a menu of specials that we’re offering for Mother’s Day in addition to our normal brunch and dinner menus. Here’s a link, and a word to the wise: Tucsonans don’t make reservations very often, but they do on Mother’s Day. Just sayin’. nner-menus-on-mothers-day-but-were-also-making-these-special-dishes-for-mom/

And it wouldn’t be an email from Feast if it didn’t mention this week’s wine tasting. Perhaps it’s the teensiest bit late for a picnic in and around next week, given it’s meant to be 100 degrees by the weekend, but hey- that’s what Mount Lemmon is for. The tasting looks like this: nner-menus-on-mothers-day-but-were-also-making-these-special-dishes-for-mom/

So there it all is in a nutshell, a new week (and month) at Feast. Please come say hello.

the workers of Feast

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