Dear Feastlings,

Most of you have yet to meet Rob from STEM fine wines, but he’ll be joining us this Saturday with a handful of fresh and interesting Chilean wines this Saturday.  And while we only touched on Chile two weeks ago, this Saturday’s tasting will be a deeper dive and a curious tour- you’ll get to know about the winemaker whose vineyard is partly shaped like a labyrinth and why,  and visit two other regions whose wines make it to us less often than those of Maipo, Central Valley and Colchagua.

By now, you know how this works: you call us at (520) 326-9363, we save you a seat and a glass and samples of four Chilean treats, and on Saturday at 2 pm, for only $15 plus tax and tip, you’ll get an hour plus of wine education, tastes and fun.  We hope you’ll join us.




You can find the pricing and tasting order here.


2022 Laberinto Cenizas Sauvignon Blanc, Colbun

2021 Viña Maitia “Aupa” Pipeño (Pais, Carignan,) Secano Interior

2018 Clos Des Fous “Subsollum” Pinot Noir, Aconcagua Costa

2022 Laberinto Cenizas Mezcla Tinto (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon,) Colbun

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