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Dear Feastlings,

You’ve seen it on labels from all over the world: Tafelwein, Vino da Tavola, Vin de Table, Vino de Mesa.  Here, we call it table wine.  We’ve been taught by those who go high-nosing around the wine world to reserve our respect for Grand Cru wines, or single-vineyard wines- wines with a pedigree, or at least a reputation.  We’re supposed to raise an eyebrow at table wine because of its social status.

But I’ll tell you this: winemakers?  They drink table wine.  And proudly.  Table wine is the wine of people who produce wine- it has a proud heritage, and it speaks better than any other sort of wine to the role of grower-producer.  A wine made of grapes grown by their producer is head and shoulders above the factory-farm wines that have slick marketing and fancy labels and no soul whatsoever.

This Saturday, the first of April, we’ll taste four table wines- rustic, yes, but by no means lowbrow.  Join us with our friend and erstwhile coworker Megan Nelson at 2:00 pm, when for only $15 plus tax and tip, you can taste your way through the wines that trumpet their humble beginnings from the rooftops.  Call us at (520) 326-9363 to make your reservation.


You can see the tasting order and the pricing here.


Table wines


2021 Meinklang Burgenland white (Grüner Veltliner/Welschriesling/Muskat,) Österreich

2021 La Patience Vin Blanc (Chardonnay/Vermentino,) Vin de France

2020 Roterfaden & Rosswag “Terraces” Red (Lemberger/Trollinger/Regent/Schwarzriesling,) Wüttemberg

2021 Cirelli La Collina Biologica “Vino Rosso” (Montepulciano,) Italia

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