What’s in a name?

Dear Feastlings,

When you’re flying by the seat of your pants, you sometimes jump feet-first into something without working out the details, and this week, we found four wines that we love, and that we think you’ll love as well, but frankly, there’s no themed name for the tasting, because the wines are from various parts of France and Italy, not close enough to be geographically grouped together, nor otherwise thematically entwined.  But trust us: we taste a lot of wine, and these are delicious, and you deserve a treat.

Come meet our friend Megan, taste some really cool Old World wines that are far-flung enough that we don’t have a clever name for this tasting, and for only $15 plus tax and tip, we’re convinced you’ll have a good time, some good wine, and you’ll learn something you didn’t know when you walked in the door.  Call us (520) 326-9363 and we’ll save you a seat and a glass.


What’s in a name?


You can find the pricing and tasting order here.


2021 Bisson Bianco Frizzante, (Glera,) Liguria

2020 Grosjean “Torrette” red blend, Vallée d’Aoste DOC

2019 Château Le Puy “Duc Des Nauves” Côtes de Bordeaux (Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon)

NV Renardat-Fâche Cerdon de Bugey “Initiale” (Gamay/Poulsard,) Cerdon du Bugey AOC


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