More Saints than you can shake a stick at

Dear Feastlings,

As a part of our donation runs, we thought it only right to bring meals to the fine people at St. Luke’s home, residents, staff and volunteers alike, a little something in honor of another Saint: St. Patrick.

Whether we round up enough donations in this short a period or not, we’ll be bringing the beef we’ve been gently corning for weeks now, along with cabbage, potatoes, turnips and carrots, to our friends at St. Luke’s.  Not familiar with Saint Luke’s Home?  Here’s a little snippet to inform you:

If you’d like to donate to our meal run, we’ll be donating a meal for every four donated by the public, unless of course we don’t reach our goal- then we’ll donate whatever we need to to feed everyone.  You can send a check to Feast with the words “meal donations” in the memo line to us at

3719 E. Speedway
Tucson, AZ 85716

Or you can call us at 326-9363 and we can take your donation over the phone.  Thanks, everyone, and don’t fret.  We’re making plenty corned beef and cabbage to offer here at the restaurant that day as well.

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