Mental and physical health care workers

Dear Feastlings,

It’s no secret that hospitals, and emergency departments in particular, are back to early pandemic levels of usage, stuffed to the gills with either patients contracting the Omicron variant of Covid, or with the people no longer afraid to go to hospitals since Omicron seems rather less lethal than past variants, or both.  The upshot, with emergency departments back to full tilt, is that it’s a far more stressful day for the remaining staff, trying to treat people with half their cohorts laid up and no one else to cover for them.

The kind people of Hill Farm Neighborhood came to us a few weeks ago, having a friend in the emergency healthcare biz, and wanted to send a morale booster, so this Friday, February 11, we’ll be headed to Banner South Campus and to the Crisis Response Center tucked behind it with the eighty meals they’ve donated, plus another twenty or thirty that we’re donating, to cheer up the people who may very well end up taking care of us one day.

This one isn’t a call for donations, so much as a means of letting you know that we haven’t let up- we’re still donating meals, even with our own limited staff, and hoping it helps.  We’ll be posting about more of these donation runs soon, and happily continuing to accept your donations toward them, but we’ve got Friday covered, just like the people at Banner’s ED and its Crisis Response Center have got the community covered in times of emergencies piling up on one another.

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