2020 vision

Dear Feastlings,

In taking stock of the past two years, I don’t know that there’s anyone out there who’d say they were a treat, but as much as I’m one to find the cloud behind every silver lining, Katherine is better at finding the silver lining on the cloud, and as rough as 2020 was for us all, she points out that it had its bright spots.  So this week, we tip our hat to four bright spots in the 2020 vintage, wines that are already drinking beautifully, be they red or white.  They all happen to be Old World treats, and we’re fond of each and every one, and we’re convinced that you will be too, if you decide to join us.  The tasting will take place both in person and on Zoom this Saturday, February 12, at 2:00 pm, and will cost the customary $15 plus tax and tip.  You can reserve a seat or a set of samples by calling us at 326-9363, and we’ll be delighted to share with you.


The tasting begins on zoom at 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 12.  The Zoom meeting number for the tasting is 834 5177 8619, and the passcode is 393057.


You can find the tasting order and the pricing here.


2020 vision


Vignerons Ardechois 2020 “Vin Biologiques” Cotes du Rhone Blanc AOP

C.V.N.E. 2020 “Monopole” Blanco Seco Viura, Rioja DOC

Abbazia di Novacella 2020 Pinot Nero DOC

Juan Gil’s 2020 Honoro Vera “Organic” Monastrell, Jumilla DOP

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