Treats for Dad

Hello, Feastlings,

We know that traditionally, Father’s Day is a day where people stay home and have a cookout, but here at Feast, we’re banking on the fact that it will be 105 degrees out, and that everyone has spent the better part of a year not going anywhere that wasn’t absolutely necessary, so we’ve gone ahead and made plans for Father’s Day specials this year.  We’ll of course be offering our regular June menu on the 20th, but it turns out we love dads, so with them in mind, we’ve concocted a menu of specials that will be available that day alongside our regular offerings.  And you don’t have to be a dad to order from it.  These dishes will be available all day long on Sunday, for dine-in or takeout, and we look forward to your coming in, or coming by, or sending someone to do your bidding.


a few special dishes for father’s day


Oxtail quesadillas with roasted poblano chilies, casera cheese, shaved radishes and horseradish-arugula pesto.

Seared New Bedford sea scallops, served over lemon spoonbread with aromatic vegetable vin blanc, micro celery greens and Prosciutto ham ribbons.  Served with sautéed haricots verts and cured tomatoes.

Grilled filet of beef tenderloin with truffled mousse, crispy fried short rib, and blueberry demiglace.  Served with mustard seed potato terrine and wilted spinach.

Chocolate peanut butter Napoleon~ chocolate crisps layered with peanut butter mousse, with hot fudge.

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