Cocktail night. Or nights.

Dear Feastlings,

Whether you like the cocktails that I contributed to the list or not, I’m no bartender.  I can make a drink, sure, but I have to look up the recipe even for most of the drinks I made up, and for the ones I didn’t? Not a chance of my executing it like Aly, our lead bartender.  She took a little time off at the beginning of the shutdown, but this weekend, she’s back, and with the liquor laws temporarily changed to allow restaurants a fighting chance at staying open, Aly can whip up whatever you like this Friday and Saturday evening.  You can order what you like from our list, which is right here, or order a classic or even that something obscure.  If we have the ingredients on hand, Aly will have it ready and waiting upon your arrival, or with the temporary change in the liquor laws, we can deliver it to you! (cocktail deliveries?  I guess if we look hard enough, we can find a silver lining on this mess.)  You already knew you could get wine by the bottle here to enjoy at home, even before COVID-19, but now you can call in a cocktail with your dinner order.  Show Aly a little extra support this weekend.  We know you’ve missed her as much as we have.

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