Relocated whites

Good day, Feastlings.

As purveyors of wine, we taste a lot them, and we’ve noticed a discrepancy: the wines we love aren’t necessarily the wines that people buy.  Sometimes it’s the price.  Sometimes it’s the label.  But we’ve noticed a nearly certain deal-killer, and this week, we’re here to right that wrong.  People tend not to even consider a varietal that comes from a place they think it’s not supposed to come from, and we’re here to tell you: you’re doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss a wine out of hand just because it comes from someplace you don’t expect.  This week we’ll taste four wines, none of which comes from its most traditional appellation, but all of which we’re enchanted by.  As usual, a mere $10 plus tax and tip gets you into the tasting, as long as you have a reservation.  The catch: no web or email reservations, so you’ll need to call us at 326-9363.  We hope you’ll join us this Saturday, September 22, at 2:00.

Relocated whites

2016 Callaghan Vineyards “Greg’s” Chiricahua Ranch Vineyard Petit Manseng, Willcox

2014 Cotière Buttonwood Vineyard Semillon, Santa Ynez Valley

2017 Folk Machine Chenin Blanc, Merritt Island (Clarksburg)

2016 Foris Moscato, Southern Oregon

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