Shades of Grey

Hello, Feastlings.

This Saturday at 2:00 pm, we’re doing the same thing we do every Saturday at 2:00 pm: we’re hosting a wine tasting, and with the weather fluctuating as wildly as it has been, this week, we’re back to refreshing white wines.  It’s all Pinot Grigio, from four different locales.  This tasting serves to remind you- to remind us all- that while there are plenty of iterations of Pinot Grigio that exist purely for the sake of the person who unthinkingly says to their server, “I’ll have a glass of Pinot Grigio,” not knowing who produces it and not caring, as it’s most likely a safe bet, light and clean, but probably not worth discovering who produces it, there are also some really delicious Pinot Grigios.  Really.  Quite delicious.  This week, Kevin will open up four of them, and you can taste them all and learn a little something about them and about the varietal if you join us on Saturday the 7th at 2:00.  It’s $10 plus tax and tip, and there’ll be a couple of little snacks.  Web and email reservations won’t serve to hold you a spot, though, so please make your reservation the old-fashioned way: by calling us at 326-9363.  Thanks, everybody.

Shades of Grey

2016 San Pietro Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige-Sudtirol DOC

2016 Venica “Jesera” Pinot Grigio, Collio DOC

2016 Slavcek Pinot Sivi, Slovenia

2013 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Gris, Dundee Hills

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