This Saturday’s wine tasting: Rosés for Valentine’s Day

Dear Feastlings,

Valentine’s Day is as often as not an excuse to drink Rosé wine, but quite frankly, we at Feast are fans of the pink stuff year-round.  So whether it’s finding something you want in your fridge for next week, or discovering what’s going to own some of your  valuable refrigerator real estate all summer long, this Saturday is the time to acquaint yourself with four tasty Rosés.  The tasting is, as always, on Saturday at 2:00 pm, and costs $10 plus tax and tip, as usual.  Please, I remind you to call to make your reservation as web and email reservations still won’t hold you a spot at the tasting.  Now, I’ve made some dreadful puns of my own before, and engaged in horrible wordplay of all stripes, but never have I met someone who unashamedly puts words and phrases together in a a desperate reach for a joke in the way that Kevin does.  So I’m flinching as I’m typing this, which will undoubtedly lift Kevin’s spirits, but he’s entitled this Saturday’s tasting:

Pink went the strings of my heart.

2015 Remy Pannier Rosé d’Anjou, Loire Valley

2015 L’Acoté Rosé, Côteaux Varios en Provence

2013 Frieure Rosé, Tavel

2014 Casas del Bosque Rosé of Syrah, Leyda Valley

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