Odds and ends, but not “leftovers”

Thanksgiving greetings to you all, Feastlings,

If you’re at your saturation point with family and a little bit of tippling is in order to grease the wheels of diplomacy, it may not hurt to show up for our wine tasting this Saturday.  This week Kevin’s got four bottles open that don’t necessarily have anything in common stylistically, but there’s one key common point: they’re all on sale.

You may recall that we who make a living in part by selling things to other people hopefully find ourselves moving from the red to the black in our ledgers call the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” in hopes of moving into the black that day.  We’re following it up with Small Business Saturday, on which we encourage you to support not only this small business but whatever small businesses are dear to you, because if you don’t, they (and we) won’t be around for the long haul without your kind and generous patronage.  What’s more, we haven’t named Sunday yet, but we’ll be keeping the sale going all the way through the weekend.  Starting Friday the 25th at 11:00 am and going through the 27th at 9:00 pm, you’ll find scores of wines on sale, and even those that aren’t on sale are eligible for a 10% discount on mix and match purchases of six bottles; 15% on mix and match purchases of a twelve-bottle case.  And there’s a tasting on Sunday as well, complete with food pairings.

Odds and ends, but not “leftovers”

2013 Gamble Sauvignon Blanc, Napa

2013 Adelaida “Finder” White blend, Paso Robles

2013 Miro Zinfandel, Dry Creek

2011 Trinchero “Chicken Ranch” Merlot, Rutherford

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