Frank Family Vineyards with winemaker Todd Graff

Dear Feastlings,

Once they’ve made it through crush, winemakers can take a little breather.  In November, there’s weeding and vine-trimming, but the winemaker can get out and head for warmer climes for a little handshaking and baby-kissing, and as luck would have it, Todd Graff, who’s been making wine for Frank Family Vineyards since day one, has been given the go-ahead to take a break from his Napa responsibilities and soak up a little Arizona sunshine.  He’ll be joining us this Saturday, pre-empting Kevin’s Saturday tasting with four wines that he made and regaling us with tales of himself, his wines and Frank Family Vineyards.  As such, with higher-end wines and the producer himself here, we thought we’d turn this into a Saturday version of our Last Sunday of the Month tasting and make some mini-courses to be served alongside the wines.  That means the price will creep up- Saturday’s tasting is $30 plus tax and tip- but the wines are exceptional.  Some will undoubtedly make it to the wish lists of our attendees, so if you’d like to be one (attendee, that is,) we suggest you make a phone call in the near future, as the tasting is already more than half full.  Our number is 326-9363, and that number will come in handy, since web and email reservations, as usual, won’t guarantee you a seat at the tasting.  We do hope you can join us.

Frank Family Vineyards with winemaker Todd Graff

2013 Frank Family Vineyards Chardonnay, Carneros

2013 Frank Family Vineyards Zinfandel, Napa

2013 Frank Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa

2012 Frank Family Vineyards Petite Sirah, Napa

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