The Path Less Traveled

Hello, Feastlings.

This week Kevin brings us wines that we don’t often see.  Sure you’ve tasted some of these varietals before- who hasn’t tried a Pinot Grigio (that’s what Sivi Pinot is, after all) or Sauvignon Blanc?  Nonetheless, we’re guessing the last Pinot Grigio you tasted didn’t hail from Vipavska Dolina, and your last glass of Sauvignon Blanc likely wasn’t from Touraine.  So pull out your atlas and come join us this Saturday at 2:00 for a tasting of wines from places you don’t often taste wines from.  The tasting is $10 plus tax and tip, and reservations should be made by phone (326-9363) since web and email reservations won’t keep a place for you.

The Path Less Traveled

2014 Skouras White Blend (Roditis/Moscofilero), Greece

2014 Slaveck Sivi Pinot, Vipavska Dolina (Slovenia)

2014 Gossaume Sauvignon Blanc, Touraine (Loire Valley)

2013 Velenosi Verdicchio Classico, Castelli di Jesi

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