Do I dare?

Dear Feastlings,

I’ve been hesitant today to send an email. Cory is on vacation; Mary Ann will be heading out to visit her Michigander family soon too, and Amy, our catering director will soon be headed for cooler climes for a bit as well. Add to it the occasional cook and server who are headed to Hawaii or northern Arizona or Mexico, and before you know it, even though we’re in the midst of a languid summertime soft season, we find ourselves scrambling.

Despite the current and impending absences, we’ve still managed to get the menu changed today,

and we’ve got a wine tasting lined up for Saturday,

Independents Day

and we’ve started calculations to make our best educated guesses at what people will be ordering come Bastille Day.

Bastille Day

The pause comes, though, when I think about that tightrope stretched between bringing in enough business to cover our costs (when the air conditioner is running all summer long and the slow periods require enough staff to cover the restaurant in the event that it suddenly gets miraculously or at least unexpectedly busy,) and keeping it manageable as we continue to spread ourselves thinly across the stretch of incandescent heat we know as summer in Tucson.

Desperation often trumps prudence, though, so here I am to remind you all that Feast awaits, ready to serve you squash blossoms or udon noodles, truffled meatballs in corn broth or plum and thyme preserves layered into a glass with mascarpone and pastry crisps that even the celiac among you can enjoy.

If you’re here in Tucson, you deserve a little treat just for being here in Tucson, and why wouldn’t you be good to yourself? We humbly suggest that you do, and that you do it here, if sounds appealing. We’d love to have you here.

Your pals at Feast

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