Bastille Day

Chers Feastlings,

You’ve known it was coming for weeks now- ever since the notes preparing you for the Hogueras de San Juan, there have been those Francophiles among you who’ve looked eagerly ahead to Bastille Day in hopes of a French treat on your plate or in your glass.  You’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be celebrating on July 14th as we have in the past: with a menu of French foods and all the corkage waived on French wines from open to close on that Friday, so reservations are an excellent plan.  You can call us at (520) 326-9363 or follow the link at the top of our home page, but we look forward, however you plan to hold your table, to making something delicious for you.  We’ll be serving our regular menu all day long, but you’ll also be able to avail yourselves of these specials at lunch or dinnertime:


Special dishes for Bastille Day


Tartare de filet de boeuf~ hand-minced raw beef tenderloin with capers, shallot and parsley.  Served with toast points, Dijon mustard and cornichons.  * ◊

Sole á la Meuniere~ Dover sole, dusted in flour and sautéed.  Served with a lemon, wine and butter sauce, rice pilaf and haricots verts.

Cassoulet~ traditional southern French ragout of white beans, sausage and duck confit.  Garnished with breadcrumbs and served with haricots verts. ◊

Bouillabaisse~ classic tomato-saffron soup with mussels, shrimp, scallops, half a Maine lobster and sea bass.  Garnished with toast points and rouille. ◊

Gâteau Opera~  coffee-soaked almond sponge cake layered with coffee buttercream and glazed with dark chocolate.

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