Next Sunday, we sleep.

Dear Feastlings,

We saw it all this weekend- some of you snuck in on Saturday to steer clear of the madness you expected on Father’s Day, a clever ploy despite the fact that Father’s Day doesn’t hold a candle to Mother’s Day in terms of restaurant bedlam. Others, emboldened by the quieter brunch than you suspected, joined us twice today to grab those special dishes while they were still around.

I’m guessing that people are still, if they’re fortunate, on a trip to someplace cool and green, leaving the desert heat behind for a few days, if not a few months. It’s because of our sparse attendance that I thought I’d drop you all a line and remind you that on Tuesday, we’ll be chockablock with Spanish dishes and corkage-free Spanish wines to accompany them, so those of you who find yourselves braving the ever-increasing temperatures may want to duck into Feast’s air-conditioned comfort and comfort yourselves further with some Spanish-style deliciousness- a few small plates, a paella and a couple of quirky Catalan desserts. Plus you’ll get any Spanish wine at retail price, so it will be not only more affordable than most restaurants as it always is here, but even a better deal than you normally get at Feast. It’s the perfect opportunity to find a quaffable Spanish treat to wash down your fava beans or saffron rice. The menu looks like this,

The Bonfires of San Juan

and we still have room for you, if you’re so inclined. Or do like our Father’s Day crowd is doing and join us for lunch AND dinner, and taste more dishes.

Later in the week, there’ll be more to do if you’re so inclined. Our Last Sunday wine tasting being moved to the Last Saturday went over so well last month that we’re doing it again this month, so be aware that this week’s wine tasting will be the special kind, with higher-end wines and accompanying food pairings.

France, in advance

Then we’ll all get to recover a little bit. With Primavera Cooks, Father’s Day and the Hogueras de San Juan so close together, our little skeleton crew has been well steeped in work this week, and will welcome the respite of working what’s become a “normal” week for us, closed on Sundays and Mondays but cooking up a storm Tuesday through Saturday. Soon you’ll get a little note with a Bastille Day menu, and a July menu too, as well as notes about our various and sundry wine tastings. In the meantime, stay well and happy.

Your pal,


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