Evacuation plan

Dear Feastlings,

While pandemic living was no treat, people did seem to stick close to home. Even as recently as last summer, we still found ourselves fairly unaffected by the normal summer exodus that Tucson experiences. This summer is clearly already another story- our parking lot, as I write this, is a vast plain of asphalt collecting heat, unencumbered by vehicles. The dining room is marginally better, some nights, and marginally worse, others. I’d imagine the parking lots and dining rooms of San Diego and Rocky Point are fairly well occupied, which is only fair, as our February and March are pretty good to us.

Despite the fact that summer is back to being a hit-and-miss prospect- some evenings, we’ll still actually need both dining rooms; others, we’ll send up to half the crew home to put their feet up- we still manage to find ourselves short-handed enough that even the scaled-down demand of a semi-vacant Tucson can keep us running around here at a fair clip.

Such was the case yesterday, where another in a series of sudden and unforeseen absences necessitated another night of plastering nervous smiles on our faces as we ran interference for what was a bumpy night behind the scenes, if not center stage. We’ve gotten into the habit of surviving such situations by this point, though, so I suppose we’ll just continue to do it until we don’t or can’t.

I may not have managed to get and email out about it, but we did manage to do our customary menu changeover on the first Tuesday of the month. So the June menu awaits.


Likewise, we’ve got yet another Saturday wine tasting put together for you as well,

Summery summary

and we’ll open the doors on Father’s Day so that while those in cooler climes have cookouts that we never could, you can at least take dad out to dine in air-conditioned comfort. We’ll be serving our regular menu, of course, but we’ll also have some special-occasion dishes to honor the guy.

Some tasty treats for dad

We’ll also be putting together our usual Primavera Cooks dinner, which may or may not be filling up- I don’t know, as reservations must be booked through the Primavera Foundation, whose coordinator’s contact information can be found here, along with information about what exactly the dinner is all about.


We’ve been doing it since its inception, and it’s invariably a great event. I also promise that, as I find myself with a moment, I’ll be writing up and sending out a menu for the Bonfires of San Juan, the annual event we do that commemorates both the Summer Solstice and our own love of Spanish food and wine. That will take place on the 20th, which I’m aware is under two weeks away, so my intention is to get that menu written up and sent out as soon as I can. In the meantime, I’m back to working on all the little things that you can’t see from out there, but I look forward to popping out to the dining room and saying hello.

Have a cool and refreshing day.



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