Summery summary

Dear Feastlings,

The conundrum we Tucsonans often face is that we’re indisputably in the mood for red wine, but it’s already in the mid-90’s, with promises of triple-digit weather mere days away.  We propose a solution- four solutions, really- to that problem.  On Saturday, we’ll pull the corks on four red wines that deserve a spot in your cellar, and possibly even in your refrigerator. Maybe you’ve met him before, but you haven’t met him here- our pal Bryan Eichhorst from Good Omens will be here this Saturday, June 10, with a few bottles that we’ve not heretofore had the pleasure of knowing.  But they’re full of summertimey goodness.

The tasting begins at 2:00 pm, with your Saturday buddies tasting fresh reds and shooting the breeze with Bryan and Cory about how suitable these wines are for your summer table.  Give us a buzz at (520) 326-9363 and we’ll save you a seat.  Then show up on the 10th with $15 plus tax and tip, and we’ll do the rest.  Hope you can make it.


Summery summary


You can see the tasting order and pricing here.


2021 Domaine Charnay Beaujolais AOC (Gamay)

2021 Folicello “Il Rosso” Lambrusco Emilia IGT (Lambrusco Grasparossa)

2021 Pam I Pipa Vino Tinto (Garnacha/Cabernet Franc,) Catalunya

2021 Duca Carlo Guarini “Burdi” Primitivo, Puglia IGT

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