Although we’ll see how well that net works.

Dear Feastlings,

We’ll just see, I suppose. After crowing about how we’ll just make it on a wing and a prayer and it doesn’t matter that I cut loose an employee who fought with the majority of his coworkers, all it takes is a weekend where two in the kitchen are out of town and two in the dining room are benched with Covid to find out whether that safety net is really there, and if so, whether it will hold. Wish us luck. We’ve got two private events, a catered wedding, a menu change and three wine tastings to accomplish, and we’ll do our level best. The wine tastings happen on Saturday at 2:00, a tasting of island wines,

Island wines

Sunday at 1:00, a tasting of Israeli wines at the JCC,

Israel 75

and again on Sunday at 3:30, from the comfort of your own home, a tasting of wines from the Pacific Northwest, with food pairings.

The Pacific Northwest

The new menu won’t begin until May 2nd, so I’m not prematurely posting a link. Still, the menu should be good. I feel lucky. Sort of.



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