Mum’s the word

Dear Feastlings,

I’m no baseball player- I was that kid who was invariably picked after all the suitable tomboys were selected for the team and it helped me cultivate the disinterest in team sports that I hold dear to this very day- but even I know that, just like you don’t name that guy in that that Shakespeare play when you’re presenting it, you also don’t talk about the no-hitter while there’s still a chance that it won’t be one.

Mercifully, we’re nowhere near that spot- we still find ourselves short-handed enough that we can’t resume our donation runs just yet, nor can we open for the shifts that we’ve historically been able to. But I’m tiptoeing around the fact that the people who are coming to interview these days are- well, experienced. I know. I got a resume the other day that made me think Alan Funt was going to peek around the corner. Years- years!- in restaurants, and not just chains. I got another that was a little closer to what we’ve been dealing with for the past year and change- two months here and four months there- but upon interviewing her, she had plausible reasons for all of those short stints.

While I no longer believe until I see, I’m at least looking forward to seeing. Tinkerbell wouldn’t have made it if it were just me in the audience, but I still have enough hope to imagine that things could all work out in the end. Maybe.

So whether or not things are looking normal behind the curtain, we’re doing our best to maintain appearances of normalcy on your side of it, and therefore we’ll host our customary two wine tastings this weekend- the Saturday tasting at 2:00

With love from the Loire

and the Last Sunday of the Month tasting at 3:30,

Trust you (local!) importer- Circo Vino

both of which we hope you can attend. Give us a buzz if you want us to save you a seat at either or both: (520) 326-9363. And we’ll see you soon.

Your extremely cautiously optimistic friend,


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