Promises occasionally made, promises barely kept.

Dear Feastlings,

We’re all pretty much in a dither these days, but I’m doing my best not to go on about it. I know my emails can be focused on the fact that the sky is falling nearly daily, and I know that it’s off-putting. So I won’t go too deeply into detail about how and why we’re still unable to open Sundays, and we found ourselves stretched thinly enough this past weekend that we put the kibosh on the Last Sunday of the Month wine tasting, despite the fact that it’s long been one of the most beloved parts of my job. We’ll just say that things are still weird. It’s normal now for people to disappear without notice, which means we don’t know, when someone doesn’t show up, whether we should worry about them, or be angry at them, or not even bother being angry anymore because that’s just the way people are now. But the upshot is that we, like thousands of other businesses, can’t conduct business the way we once did.

I’m taking a deep breath today and making every attempt, however, to do so. With that in mind, we’ve changed the menu today as we have for 21 years and change,

and we’re putting on a wine tasting this Saturday as we’ve done for nearly as many,

Various shades of Tempranillo

and, the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we’re making all manner of Thanksgiving food for you to pick up the day before, and I’ll try my best not to imagine supply line nightmares, though I must admit that when I do sleep, work dreams dominate my addled little brain. In the past, we’ve made the Sunday before Thanksgiving the last day to order your dinner, or just a handful of accoutrements, or whatever part of the dinner you prefer, but this year may be different.

Currently, we don’t have enough staff to cover Sundays, which will make Saturday the 19th the last day to order, and we don’t want a Saturday to be the last day to order any more than you do. A Saturday night, we’re already maxed out- it’s a busy night and we’re hustling to get people seated and a cocktail into their hands, to get dinner on the table and to clear them and send them on their way in time for the next group to start the process over again, and to do so with the phone ringing off the hook is not a welcome prospect for us any more than it is for you. My suggestion? Give us a buzz during that lull between lunch and dinner. I can’t tell you how many people tell me how busy a restaurant we are when they come in on a Friday night at 7 pm. And they’re right, at least on Friday at 7 pm. But whether you want to get some suggestions about how many people four pounds of turkey will feed, or have a leisurely meal, or shoot the breeze with one of us about food, or wine, or your philosophical musings, or ours, we’ll have the most time available for you between lunch and dinner. So I present to you a link to the Thanksgiving menu, in order that you might decide what you need, or decide what questions you’ll need to ask us when you call, and then you’ve got eighteen or nineteen more days to call us and place your order. The menu looks like this:

Thanksgiving menu

So there it is. I told you I’d have the Thanksgiving menu ready for you at the end of October, and we’ll all just have to agree that the beginning of November is close enough to the end of October that none of us gets up in arms about it. We’ll keep doing our best, and we’ll keep hoping, despite occasional appearances, that our best is good enough to keep you coming back. Here we go.


The People Making Their Best Effort for You at Feast

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