4,740 unnecessary emails.

Dear Feastlings,

My apologies to the 4,740 of you who aren’t joining us for the tasting today- this email really isn’t for you, though I’m happy to have the opportunity to remind you, yet again, that we’re out here, albeit still temporarily not on Sundays. I’ll be secreted away in the inner sanctum of Feast today, though, at 3:30, ready to shoot the breeze about Italian wine with a few of our wine buddies, and to give some brief instruction on how one goes about heating up the food pairings we’ve made. I hate to even put the pixels out there, but I do hope that by next month, things will have returned perhaps not to normal, but at least to normal enough that we offer the tasting in person. We’re still maybe four cooks away from that, barring any unforeseen circumstance. And it’s difficult to imagine anything BUT unforeseen circumstance at this point.

For now, though, I offer the three dozen or so of you who’ll be joining us on Zoom today a link, which looks like this:

Topic: Feriae Augusti
Time: Jul 31, 2022 03:30 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 0644 7275
Passcode: 433852

and I’ll be in soon to set up our little oven and stove and talk wine with you all. See you soon.

Your buddy,


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