Fish wish

Good day, Feastlings.

Time was, I’d have the Easter menu written by Fat Tuesday, and the April menu as well, but even with all hands on deck over here, there simply aren’t enough hands. I yearn for the day when we can move back from being reactive to being proactive, and I suppose by some people’s standards- my own new standards, at the very least- we are. Our Easter specials are figured out a week in advance,

Easter specials

and the menu for our wine dinner with Mitch Cosentino, owner/winemaker of PureCru is available for your perusal.

Come meet Mitch Cosentino and his delicious PureCru wines.

We’re even ready for today’s wine tasting,

A rio runs through it.

and can supply you with the login information if you’re joining us by Zoom.

Topic: A rio runs through it.
Time: Apr 9, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

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Passcode: 118045

But I yearn for the day when we have it all together when we want to have it ready, and when we know whether we have enough people in the kitchen to make something besides matzoh ball soup for Passover (at the very least, we’ll make matzoh ball soup for Passover, and I hope we can make more than that, but right now it looks like we barely have enough hands to get out the catering jobs we’ve committed to.) We’ve actually had the first applicants for kitchen positions that we’ve had in months, but I have no intention of jinxing it by expecting good results from their upcoming interviews. We’ll hope for the best, prepare for the worst, close our eyes, jump, count to whatever it is one counts to, and pull the rip cord. Wish us luck, wish us qualified applicants who show up, an easing of the exhaustion and stress that our kitchen crew has endured, and gefilte fish.

Thanks, everyone.

Your bleary-eyed friend,


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