A loophole, and a deep hole.

Dear Feastlings,

We’ll start with the deep hole and get the bad news out of the way. So far, it’s just the one lunchtime, but thanks to Covid and the universe, we won’t be open for lunch tomorrow. We’ll be ready to open come 4:00 pm, and we shouldn’t need to do this again, but we simply don’t have enough people able to work tomorrow- our quarantining staff will be filtering back to work over the next few days, but in the meanwhile, tomorrow we’ll be dark until 4. If that’s the worst of what we experience this time around, I’ll count us lucky.

On the much brighter side, we’ve discovered a loophole: we have a solution to Dry January, thanks to my buddy, Jim Murphy of KingFisher fame, who notes that there’s a grey area. In his estimation, that it seems like if we just drink dry wine, we ought to be fine and we’ll still be complying with Dry January in some respect. With that in mind, this Saturday’s wine tasting, is just that: four dry wines. You’ll be able to see all the details here on our website:

Keep on tröcken

I’ll tell you this: I’m feeling more and more desiccated all the time, myself, and most decidedly in need of a drink, so I’ll be there on Saturday, and may well start this evening. Still, this in no way shakes me from our commitment on Friday to head to three properties managed by Compass Affordable Housing to treat their residents, all of whom live at the poverty line, to a hot, healthy meal. You can learn more about our donation run, and about Compass Affordable Housing and how they’re helping veterans, people living in poverty and people in recovery by checking out our link, and the link to Compass’s website within that one:

Making the rounds

What limited staff we do have will be prepping in our darkened building tomorrow to ready us for tomorrow evening, for Friday’s big donation run, and for, God help us, a lucrative and busy weekend, but not so busy that we can’t handle it. Wish us luck.



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