Making the rounds

Dear Feastlings,

It’s been months since we’ve been able to make it out to some of the properties at Compass Affordable Housing, but with the holidays behind us for another eleven months, we finally have time to catch up with some of our old friends.  We’re still figuring out the details, but our plan is to get to three or four of the properties managed by Compass Affordable Housing, a program that provides transitional housing for people getting their feet back under them after a stint of homelessness, or in recovery from substance abuse, trying to become self-sufficient despite mental illness, or having a hard time remaining employed after serving in the military.  Whatever the case, our plan is to bring a truckload or two of support meals around to some of their properties, which you can learn about here:


If you’re in the mood to do a kindness for a stranger, and to help the staff of Feast remain employed in doing so, we’ll be taking donations to cover these meals- once 144 meals are paid for by the community, we’ll throw in another few dozen to make 180 meals for people who could really use a lucky break, even if it’s just a hot meal.  We’ll be bringing meals to the people living at Alvord Court Apartments, Downtown Motor Apartments, and Glentstone Village. You can call us at 326-9363 to make a donation, or drop a check by made out to Feast with “meal donations” written in the memo line.  Thanks for helping someone who could use some help.

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