Technology, why have you forsaken me?

Dear Feastlings,

As I sat down on this, my alleged day off, to check emails, I watched one reply after another pop up, to an email that I didn’t send. I’ve commented many times before on how much I dread technology when it fails me (i.e., daily) and probably on how much I dread Dreamhost, which is neither a dream nor much of a host, but since this email comes on the heels of them sending out people’s email addresses without my authorizing it, I’d imagine I can’t be sued over telling you I’m up to here with them, and I encourage anyone who’s upset that their email address was shared with a boatload of strangers to threaten them with legal action.

Sorry about the email, and just as sorry that thirty or forty of you have already written to ask what that email was all about, so here’s an email to head of the next thirty or forty, and, as long as I’m here and you are too, to remind you that if you’re ordering the New Year’s Eve takeout hors d’oeuvres, with or without the wine pairings,

Home is where the heart is- New Year’s Eve carryout menu

you’ve got about 31 more hours to do so. We’re closed today, so even though a bunch of us are here today, no one is answering the phone. My suggestion: give us a call tomorrow between 11 am and 8 pm to place your order. The number is 326-9363.

Now, off to write an email to someone at Dreamhost, who undoubtedly will not care much whatsoever.



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