Few and far between

Dear, dear Feastlings,

Those of you who know me well- and come to think of it, those of you who know me only superficially- know that the holidays aren’t really my bag. I’m content to live a curmudgeonly existence, secreted away until it all passes and it feels safe to come out again, despite the fact that I rely on the holidays to squirrel away enough money to keep us flush for the rest of the year. It only now occurs to me that I haven’t written for nearly a week, as we’ve been gearing up for catering and hosting holiday parties, getting the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed for the December menu, Wednesday’s upcoming wine dinner

Wine dinner with David Rossi of Fulcrum Winery

and, of course, this afternoon’s tasting

The comfort zone

and the way into it if you’re joining us from home.

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: the comfort zone
Time: Dec 4, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 8593 1337
Passcode: 080545

Plus there’s getting the Christmas carryout menu posted for those of you who’ve been asking:

Christmas carryout menu- order deadline December 19

With this much going on, and squeezing in staffing issues, interviews, fixing broken equipment (really? I had thought everything had already been broken and repaired,) writing some rambling missive seemed, well, time-consuming. But now that some of you keep tabs on me through these emails, I thought I’d let you know: we’re all fine over here. We’re just busy, which, as all things go, is far from the worst problem we could have. So we’ll go with it. We’re busy, you might get your love notes from me a bit fewer and further between, but the love’s still there, in spades, as long as I can participate only peripherally in the holidays. Thanks for that.



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