Sooner, later, and then even later

Dear Feastlings,
As dismal as the news is that keeps plodding into our lives, there are a couple of ways I’m dealing with it. One is to do what kindness I can do, and while we’ve slowed a bit on the donated meal front to tackle the necessity of keeping up with a busier restaurant, I feel confident that once we’ve gotten through the crush of the holidays, we’ll be able to redouble our efforts and get to that milestone I’ve been eyeing: feeding 10,000 people throughout this mess we’ve been mired in for 21 months.

The other thing that’s blow-softening, if self-indulgent, is this: I’m drinking better wine. There are two Feast wine tastings this weekend, one today

How the Grenache stole Christmas

for which the login information is as follows:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: How the Grenache stole Christmas
Time: Nov 27, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 7720 6250
Passcode: 275493

and one tomorrow,

’tis the season.

for which you’ll receive the login information soon enough, but I’m not muddying the waters with two sets of login credentials. I’ll send you that stuff tomorrow. I will, however, wind up this email that’s an ode to drinking better wine with one more special treat: a wine dinner with David Rossi, owner/winemaker of Fulcrum Winery, a week from Wednesday.

Wine dinner with David Rossi of Fulcrum Winery

There it is, a trifecta of better wine sipping for us all. You’ll find more in your inbox soon, but in the meantime, if you miss us, come taste some of these wines, or grab a snack, or have us wrap up a little something for later. It’s a treat, and we’ll be happy and honored to see you. Soon, I hope.

Your pal,


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