Breadhead, Deadhead, Bedhead. I don’t know.

Dear Feastlings,
I wanted to send you links to this weekend’s wine tastings, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, and to the wine dinner a week from Wednesday, and to the heating instructions you might require tomorrow if you lose the ones we give you today when you pickup your Thanksgiving carryout. As luck would have it, though, DreamHost once again proves itself to be, well, shall we say, decidedly no dream, unless fever dreams and nightmares count. Our site is down, but I’m hoping this email goes out, and hoping more that my own email, which they also host, is working. So you may well get another email from us later with a link to heating instructions, upcoming events and maybe a more relaxed tone, if we’re lucky.

Meanwhile, the subject line:

First, the bread: we took the liberty of baking an extra three dozen loaves of our country levain today, in case you don’t feel like standing in a line that’s undoubtedly snaking down Broadway from Barrio Bread, or if they’ve already sold out. You’re welcome to call us at 326-9363 and let us know you want a loaf and we’ll save you one.

Next, the deadhead: Kevin is here all day today, and apart from being our resident deadhead, he’s also itching to offer you an assortment of Thanksgiving-friendly wines, so keep that in mind.

The bedhead? That’s my hope for tomorrow- that the entire staff of Feast, who’ve worked like maniacs for the past week getting these meals ready for you all, sleep in tomorrow and wake at a leisurely hour with adorably smashed hairdos.

And the I don’t know: I don’t. Fourteen minutes into the day, I had a guest ask if we had more cranberry sauce to offer, and the answer to his question, and to anyone else who questions whether there’s more turkey, stuffing, gravy or anything besides the extra bread we baked today, for the next four hours or so will be, “I don’t know.” We have two hundred people picking up food today, ranging from food for one or two to food for 28, and we’re packing it as fast as we can, but until it’s all packed and sorted, we won’t know whether there are any items left to be had. We’ll cross our fingers that we can make as many people happy today as possible, but will we be able to rescue even one person with some extra sauce or stuffing or potatoes? I don’t know.

Happy Thanksgiving, the whole lot of you, and know that even in our frenzy, we are each of us thankful for each of you. But I’m still looking forward to bedhead while I still have enough hair to wake up with it.

Stay well, everyone.



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