Home is where the internet connectivity is.

Dear Feastlings,
I was set to write a somewhat positive note today. It didn’t matter that we’re still down a saute cook. Nor did it matter that we’re experiencing the same, desolate September wasteland that we have for the past 20 Septembers, when everyone gets tuition bills, credit card statements from their summer trips, or utility bills swollen by summer watering and air conditioning. It didn’t matter that yesterday, Dreamhost, which occasionally hosts our website, was neither dream nor host.

I was all set to pull myself up by my figurative bootstraps and get back into it today, and perhaps I still can, but I’ve been sidelined this morning by a text from the crew saying once again, “who do we call when we have no internet?”

Granted, it will keep certain staff from checking facebook while they work, but it will also keep us from running credit cards, or posting the specials, or updating the links to the various and sundry events we have planned, I’d name to disservice we’ve been using, but that would be tantamount to exactly what I bellyached about only a couple of weeks ago, a dissatisfied person shouting into the internet instead of talking to the person who can actually resolve the problem. That said, that person has yet to respond to me, so if you’re thinking about changing your phone or internet service, I’m happy to tell you privately whom I won’t be using. But I’ll take the high road and not try to damage another local small business in a forum that reaches a few thousand people.

What I was going to tell you yesterday, and then today, was this: Tomorrow, we’ll be bringing meals to the fine people at St. Luke’s Home, and if you’d like to help us, we’d welcome it.

What have you been up to for the past 100 years?

Then I was going to tell you we’ve got a Zoom wine tasting on Saturday, and we’d welcome you to that as well.

Not from around here…

We’d of course love to have you in the restaurant too, where we’re open for both lunch and dinner, and predominantly bored.


Of course, you’re also welcome to join us during Sonoran restaurant week, when you’ll save another ten or twelve bucks,


though it may (fingers crossed) be a bit more difficult to get in then.

Meanwhile, I’ll set this to go out in an hour or two from here at home, then scramble off to work, where, with any luck, I won’t be incommunicado for too terribly long. Though I may end up relishing it. Have a lovely day, with exactly as much connectivity as you need.



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