A breather. And a sip.

Dear Feastlings,
After a bonkers day like yesterday, it’s been a really pleasant morning. A few dozen miles of bike ride in surprisingly cool weather is a remarkable reset, and the promise of an eventual end to the hot and muggy weather we’ve had is an elevator out of the well of despair I’m apt to fall into after a few weeks of leaving Feast at the end of the night to discover it’s as hot and swampy outside as it is in the kitchen. I encourage you all to spend some outdoor time if tomorrow morning is anything like this morning was.

Even while Saturdays are busy restaurant days (which, incidentally, we’re thrilled to see,) they’re everyone else’s day off, which means we’re interrupted with fewer phone calls and emails and other sudden and unannounced demands on our time, and it frees us up to get things done- today’s wine tasting, for example,

Noaky dokey

whose meeting info is thus:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: No joke; no oak
Time: Aug 21, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 4839 1422
Passcode: 866096

and prepping for Tuesday’s donation run to Casa Alitas,


and maybe getting plans made for the September menu, next week’s tastings (yes, there are two tastings next week,) the wine dinner where we’re practicing combining in-person with Zoom on some brave souls, the cooking class for a couple of TUSD schools, the dinners with Callaghan Vineyards and whatever other foolish notion we come up with to fill our time.

But the meanwhile is pretty great: a breezy bike ride home from Babad Do’ag, a leisurely cup of coffee, and sitting down at 2:00 to taste some really good wine and shoot the breeze about it with you and Kevin and Katherine and a handful of savvy importers, distributors and wine nerds. You can still grab a set of samples if you call 326-9363. See you soon, I hope.


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